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Ruger Bearcat Stag Grips

Bearcat owners, treat that revolver to a set of stags.  It deserves them.  The Bearcat is one of the all-time great woods and field guns.  There's not much out there you can have more fun with than a Bearcat. 

Bearcat grips are a signature peice for me.  I can make them smooth or with a great looking texture bookmatch.  I always have great panels in stock for Bearcat grips. 

Price is $175 with $5 shipping. 

When ordering, note the following model information.  New Models are any Bearcats made since 1993.  Old models date from 1963 - 73.  Alpha Bearcats were first.  They were made 1958 - 63 and are noted for their red micarta resin grips that do not have medallions.

I'm a fan of the Bearcat, but these with adjustable sights happen to be customer guns.  See my page on perfected Bearcats for more info.

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