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Stag Grip fit and Care

As expressed elsewhere on this site, my customers can have the expectation their new stag grips will fit excellent.  What this means is they will experience have off the shelf fit thats equal to or better than factory grips.

My satisfaction guarantee covers fit issues, so if you experience sloppy fit I will happily fix / exchange / refund. 

Note the following remarks on fit techniques and issues, for my grips and others:


Alignment Pin

Two piece grip sets make use of an alignment pin to keep the panels from wandering on the backstrap and trigger guard.   Many times, poor fit of off-the-shelf grips is the result of alignment pin holes on the grip panels not being precisely matched to the revolver.

The remedy for this is to enlarge the pin holes on the panels so that the grips can be installed on the frame with no gaps showing on the backstraps or in the frame corner.   The enlarging is done easiest with a rotary tool and small grinding head.

With that achieved, a small amount of epoxy putty can be set in the holes and the grips installed.  The putty will harden, leaving a clean and properly sized hole for the alignment pin to ride.

My buyers can feel free to make this pin adjustment without relinquishing their warranty privileges.


Fitting around the edges

For edge overhang adjustment, I recommend following:

1.       Install the grips in proper position.


2.       Trace around the edges with a very sharp pencil or fine tipped dry erase pen (I like Vis A Vis brand).


3.       Remove grips.  Sand overhang off with 150 grit sandpaper wrapped around a hand file


Ruger frames XR3-RED

XR3-RED is widely known as the part number for Rugers most commonly used grip frame.  But f or buying off-the-shelf grips, this is really not a conclusive piece of information.  There are variations within the XR3-RED part family, and Ruger grip frames are marked in ways that confuse the average consumer (...some XR3-RED frames are marked XR3, etc). 

For off-the-shelf grip jobs, I rely on the make, model, and finish of your Ruger revolver.   I have a complete library of Ruger frames.  With that information, we can zero in on a frame to use for your grip job.


Long term care of stag grips

Small amounts of moisture encountered in the field or oil encountered while cleaning should not cause harm to stag grips.

I do not recommend oil treatments for stag grips.  I generally advise to keep them dry.  My final finish is a tripoli wax polish applied with a bench top polisher.  This can be repeated as often as desired.



How long should last?  I try to cut the hardest, densest panels possible.   The grips should last generations.














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