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Buying Sack Peterson Stag Grips

Payments:  My grip making practice follows that commissioned project model where orders are made, paid, executed, and delivered.

Payments are taken here online, by mail, or phone.  Online, my processing is done by Paypal.  You do not have to be a Paypal member to use your credit or debit cards online.  Over the phone, I use a more traditional payment processor.  I regard them both as very secure.  As a vendor, I'm bound to strict covenants concerning data privacy.

My online ordering is configured for full payments.  Installment arrangement with 1/2 down, remainder paid at completion prior to ship is also available.  Please call in to make payment or request a paypal invoice.

Quality: I render grips from Elk stag, and deliver grips from best grade, select, hard antler.  My antler quality is superior.  

I make unlimited satisfaction guarantees on fit and quality.

Delivery Times:  A proper order fulfillment window for this kind of product is probably 30 to 120 days.  That said, most of my grips are being delivered in 6-8 weeks.

I at times ask the customerís indulgence for some slack in the delivery date.  There are a few sticky issues that impede progress on my order list.  The most problematic issues are:

Weather:  I live in Minnesota, and do my grunt sanding work outside.

Antler availability:  Itís somewhat a seasonal commodity, and there is increased demand for it in the last few years.  Iím never out, but I am at times waiting for another antler of the right appearance to complete a job.

My workload: Making grips is a 40 hour a week job for me, and I have another full time job as well.  But the big thing is, what weíve experienced in these recent times is that folks have made their sporting goods a priority.  The result is a vibrant market for firearms and accessories.  To work in the industry and have a well received product is to be blessed.  But I think anyone who performs a gunsmithing function will relate they are just about stretched to the limit right now. 

My general request is that the buyer understand that I attend to individual orders over a process that takes a month under normal circumstances.  Right now, I am impacted by heightened demand for quality custom services. 

Do feel free to write me or call me at any point if you wonder when your grips will be done. 



















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