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Contact  information

Phone: 651-247-6274  for call in credit card ordering and general info.

Email: sack@sackpeterson.com


Feel free to call or write.  With the phone, I may not be able to pick up.  Please leave a message.


Mail Address (correspondance and small parts only):


Please write or call for proper mailing address.


Postage Tracking and Guarantees


If you've been alerted that a label was printed but your package doesn't track, I've either not dropped them in the mail or they missed a postal bar code scanner. Your grips are not lost.  In 8 + years I've had one set lost in the mail. 


I do self insure for mail and transit loss, should that ever occur.  You will not be out a set of grips or what you paid.  I'll refund or make another.  You can relieve yourself of any anxiety over mail loss.


Payment / Prices:


I do extend quotes for multiple purchases.  Feel free to write me, and if we agree I'll draw up a custom invoice.


I do take order payments by mail and over the phone for credit card call ins.  




I will take trades for grips I've made in that past. 


I will take trades for vintage or antique grips, particularly old stags.  


Do I need to send my grips in for templating / fitting?


Generally, no.  I've spent a lot of time examining production variance for the models I make grips for and a lot of money on individual fit pieces (revolvers).  The expectation is my off the shelf grips will fit excellent.  I guarantee for satisfactory fit, as well as for satisfaction in general.


If your piece requires a shop fit, we can arrange for shipping to me in accordance with applicable statutes.  


Detached grip assemblies can be shipped and return shipped by mail fairly inexpensively.


Overseas sales:


I can ship overseas to many places.  Germany, Australia, and France seem to be no problem.


Can you make Ö.?  Do you make grips in Sambar?

No.  I can't  ever get it in amounts such that I can make meaningful product offerings.

Can you make Ö.? 

Maybe.  Iíll contemplate anything not listed with the exception of 1911 grips.

Do you make 1911 grips?  

No.  1911ís are great but I can't attend to that market, my hands are full doing what I do.













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